Automated Catastrophic Event Reporting System
Details of Transmission:

IDSA-Data Center Vessel Code: RXJ1242-11
Vessel Serial Number: 10024X-TA0008
Vessel Classification: Chandra-Class STS-93 Deep Space
Vessel Administrator: JAXA
Vessel Status: Underway, Functioning, Overdue
Vessel Present Location: Unknown

Incident Type: Class Two Hull Breach (Penetration of Structure by Unknown Outside Elements)
Affected Sectors: 3, 4, 5, 14
Decompression: Significant Values Throughout Affected Sectors
Life Support: Discontinuous Throughout Affected Sectors Only
O2 Systems: Non-Functioning Throughout Affected Sectors Only
Data Core: Unaffected, Secure
Power Core: Unaffected, Contained, Stable
Airlocks and Hatchway Doors: Operational, Secured
Available Crew Status: 1 Crew Reporting, 1 LMO Not Reporting

Secondary Equipment Status:
Heavy Evac. (Suit 7) Powered, Activated, Tethered
Ident. Code 0307291227 – Maxim Akihiko Broussad, Communications Satellite Continuance Managing Project Officer L2, JAXA, IDSA

[Report Status: Transmitted: Tanegashima COMS, 10JAN2186 Shinkai Maru 5]

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