Success, I think. One mysterious, phantom survival pod and one presumed occupant are down.

According to the plots on the nav system, there are 21 remaining targets. From time I unleashed the executables on the pod’s main data system core, to final detonation, was less than an hour. The view from the starboard-side observation port was amazing [image attached]. The pod went off with a spectacular discharge, a fitting end to a maddening problem. Yet, the mystery still remains. Even though I can eliminate all these strange invaders, I may never know what lies beneath the pod exterior until I physically dock one and unseal the hatchway. Could it be Spegg in one of these pods? Could they all be Spegg? If the number of these anomalies is somehow caused by a deformity of space-time, could I be terminating something altogether benign?

Am I, myself, in one of these wayward vessels?

[Communication sent: 09JAN2186 Shinkai Maru 5]


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