For errant survival pods that flicker in and out of existence without explanation, I have crafted a remote kill switch that only requires us to be within hailing and transfer distance. I have to be quick and deliberate in my actions, since chasing phantoms is a hit and miss game.

Today, I tracked two pod targets nearest our immediate vicinity. Once again, I dropped in behind both and I’m keeping the SM5 in a blind spot. The hailing frequency is open but silent. All systems aboard the pods are functioning normally, including life support systems. In recent attempts to gain control of these pods, I’ve struggled with their strange intangible qualities and the gravitational anomalies that envelop them. Sometimes, these pods are very solid. Sometimes, they appear to be no more than an illusion. We’re not going to attempt a dock and lock again. Given that, I have very little time to execute my plan to disable the pods and terminate the life support. Therefore, I have written a series of rapid executables in a script [image attached] that I plan to transmit to each pod’s main data system core. Illusion or not, if I can connect to their onboard systems, I can also shut them down.

Once installed, the executables script will instantly log the occupant off the controls, deactivate the stasis systems, shut down life support systems, and re-route internal power resources. At this point, the occupant will be powerless and, soon enough, lifeless. Then, to make certain that the pod doesn’t surface again, the executables will close and lock all exterior propulsion vents and over-charge the propulsion system. If done correctly, pressure and temperature will increase radically. The last segment of executables floods the system with a massive power surge to provide the necessary activation energy.

The whole pod should explode brilliantly.

[Communication sent: 08JAN2186 Shinkai Maru 5]


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