Maybe I’ve been in this ship for too long already. With all of the phantom pods and ships blinking in and out of existence, I already feel like I’m seeing ghosts. Now, I’m feeling strange presences as well.

Just now, something incomprehensible gave me a warning, a recognizable but wholly indescribable sensation. Shaken, I disengaged my silent run behind the renegade survival pod I was watching yesterday. With my hands on the console, I was already set to lock the pilot out of the control systems, crash the emergency stasis program, and shut down the life support. Instead, I changed my course of action. Suddenly, I was overcome by an uneasy feeling. The sensation was something familiar and strangely foreboding at the same. Outside of this edgy feeling, my rational side told me that I may require this particular survival pod in the near future. I could imagine dozens of reasons to throw the kill switch on the pod out there and sit back as Spegg or whatever occupant suffocated, froze and expired. But it was the reasons or scenarios that I couldn’t imagine that swayed my final decision. This specific pod, above all others in the region, had the strongest signal. There was a genuine measure of importance with this one. It was different, special. I hesitated. I stopped and reversed course. I was puzzled but, at the same time, absolutely certain.

Quietly, I navigated the SM5 away from the pod. I ordered the nav system to track this pod and separate it from the rest. I wanted to be able to get back to this target later. Maybe the occupant lives for another day. Maybe I return to it tomorrow and finish the job. Given everything we’ve already been through, I’m not absolutely certain about anything anymore. But I know that I should move on.

What’s going on? Have I eaten recently? When did I sleep last?

[Communication sent: 07JAN2186 Shinkai Maru 5]

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