Unfortunate, disastrous and terrible. From all perspectives, the events of yesterday that took the survival pod and Spegg toward a horrific end are as puzzling as they were shocking.

I am bothered by both the unusual nature of the event, as well as the loss of my captive and the reclaimed survival pod. Although I regarded Spegg as a vile and devious creature, whose actions were nothing short of deliberate sabotage, I believe that Spegg deserved to be delivered to JAXA and the IDSA for examination and assessment. In the end, Spegg would be dissected and dissolved, but even that fate seems less appalling than being drawn helplessly toward a voracious singularity.

For the record, I still have no plausible explanation for the strange gravitational event that seized the ship and caused such calamity. Additionally, I now have no access to the survival pod. The pod would certainly come in useful, if I needed to depart the SM5 for any reason. Deep space explorers like this ship don’t come fitted with landing components and certainly would not stand up to an atmospheric re-entry. The pod may be badly needed at a future point.

[Communication sent: 03JAN2186 Shinkai Maru 5]

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