Both the survival pod and Spegg are gone.

Before I could finish preparations and open the hatchway to the pod, the SM5 suffered a massive series of increasingly-violent tremors. Some bizarre gravitational deformity of space-time apparently seized the SM5 and threatened to wrench Spegg and the survival pod from the starboard hatchway. Every light and siren in the SM5 was instantly blaring. Power, O2, electronics, operating systems, navigation, internal gravity, and nearly all subsystems were on the verge of complete stoppage.

From a visual standpoint, I thought that the collar around the pod and most of the hatchway would surely tear away from the ship. Every electronic system that controlled the connectivity or separation of the pod was unresponsive. Only the manual release mechanisms allowed me to unlock and jettison Spegg and the re-acquired pod. When released, the SM5 shook violently once again and then no further drag forces could be perceived.

Over time, internal ship functions returned to normal status. From the starboard-side observation port, I could see the pod moving through the accretion disk, and past the event horizon, with ever-increasing speed. Hours passed, but I stood and watched until it was over. Soon enough, I saw the pod disappear from view into the heart of the supermassive [image attached]. The pod’s remote management systems monitored activities until 18:57:09, at which time the pod apparently crossed the final boundary and ceased to exist.

[Communication sent: 02JAN2186 Shinkai Maru 5]


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