After the strange disappearance of Spegg and the survival pod yesterday, just before we could override the pod’s systems and complete the re-acquisition, I made an interesting discovery.

Frustrated that the survival pod I thought was in our grasp had simply vanished, I immediately began reaffirming all other similar targets in the region. After I called up every target that matched the mass and density of the survival pod that Spegg escaped with, I began tracking the objects individually and measuring the consistency in properties for each over a period of time. Much to my astonishment, I found that many of the survival-pod-sized targets that the scanners are tracking in this region have what appears to be a wavering quality of mass. It’s as if some of these targets are flickering in and out of existence. To make things even more difficult to believe, some targets flicker faster than others.

Those targets closest in distance to the supermassive black hole in this region appear to be less viable than those at a greater distance. Therefore, I have a theory to test and a new target locked at the 0.73 ± 0.01 AU range. Presently, I am confirming coordinates with the nav systems and spooling up the hyperdrive. My plan is, once again, to drop in within hailing distance of this new target, lock in, control and re-acquire the pod.

In short time, we’re going to discover just what these flickering anomalies are all about, by taking aim at the weakest target that is near to the event horizon surrounding the supermassive. If all goes well, Spegg may be in for quite a surprise. Then again, I might just have another ghost ship on my hands.

[Communication sent: 01JAN2186 Shinkai Maru 5]

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