It was eleven days ago. Data from the six sensor remotes came pouring in and for a second, Spegg was there. One small ping. A blip in space. Then, the data began to crash the systems. All of it, collapsing, sending each redundancy into subsequent failure. For a time, I stared at the scrambled data on the screen before me, trying to remember the location, as it related to the ship. Then, lines of corrupt code obscured all that I could see. I stabbed at the screen with a finger, hoping to make a permanent mark where I saw the blip. Once again, the damage was done. I was alone again.

In my mind, Spegg is a vile and devious creature. If I can bring him back to the SM5 and lock him down, hopefully I can eventually get him back to the JAXA labs for dissection and analysis. This is my every intention.

[Communication sent: 27DEC2185 Shinkai Maru 5]

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